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But earlier this week the Ohio State Highway Patrol released records detailing his sexual misconduct and his victims’ fear of coming forward.

And a newly released dash cam video shows how it played out.

In November 2010, an Ohio state trooper logged onto Craigslist under the alias “Troy Castle,” according to police records, and put out feelers for “traffic stop sex.” “I am in Law Enforcement so if the idea of traffic stop sex sounds good let me know,” he wrote, according to the records.

“I work till 10 so that way you’ll be back home in time.

Another group doing research on the same topic, Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC, says since 2007, there have been 86 killings in some way linked to Craigslist. Below is the list of 58 people arrested in connection with some of the murders linked to Craigslist transactions.

Advanced Interactive Media Group has launched an initiative to encourage police stations to host Craigslist and other online transactions. Law Street Media says Craigslist did not reply to multiple inquiries from them. PHILIP MARKOFF - Markoff committed suicide in jail waiting for his trial.

“To encourage that type of behavior was concerning to us.” Lee also tracked her down on Facebook and sent her a message, according to records cited by WBNS-TV, writing it was “probably wrong of me to message you here.” “Ok now I feel terrible,” he reportedly wrote 10 days later. Indeed, that’s what happened to one, Natalie Shull, who told police that Lee sexually abused her while she was under arrest for a drunk-driving accident. “I didn’t know if it was, ‘I dare you to say something,’ or ‘Let’s do this again.'” When Shull tried to file a report, she said she was threatened with criminal charges for lying to police. His reaction to the way she answered my questions clearly took him by surprise.” It wasn’t until several years later that the police started to listen.

Shull had been drinking one night in November 2010 when she rolled her Chevy Blazer, according to the Columbus Dispatch. He can make me disappear.” She said he bent her over his patrol car — still handcuffed — and groped her breasts and rubbed his genitals on her. Authorities launched an internal investigation in 2013 when they found the dash cam video during a routine screen that showed Lee flirting with two women during a traffic stop. He pleaded guilty last year to four counts of violation of civil rights by a law enforcement officer and one count of cyberstalking, which is a felony.

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Markoff allegedly shot her on the 20th floor of the Marriott Copley Place Hotel.JOHN KATEHIS - Convicted of 2nd degree murder during his second trial.He was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole in 2034.There are 22 murder cases still pending, according to the study.The oldest pending case is from 2012 and eight are from 2014.

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