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Made my first order on Friday and it was very easy and I estimate that compared to the price offered by the largest supplier I have saved £15 on 600 litres of fuel.

Thank you to all of those involved on the community plan for setting this up for the benefit of our village On route to Dereham the No.4 bus has stopped at The Lord Nelson in Clint Green for many years, at least 7 to my knowledge.

São versados nas artes do veneno e especialistas no manejo de adagas.However, what I am stuck with is John Seaman Abt 1816 from Yaxham - He married Judith Bassey, adnd what to have proof he is son of Charles Seaman (Abt 1775 - Yaxham) and Mary Watts - anyone help me? Joan I visited Yaxham last week with my parents and husband.Reply to Angela's post dated 19th May 2015 Dear Angela, Peter Seaman, who was murdered, was my 5th great grandfather. My family tree is on Ancestry so if you are also on there we can share information. Mum and I are descendants of Henry Seaman, brother of Peter Seaman who was murdered in 1785.Apparently, the planning permission for the 2 new houses on the corner of Well Hill was put in under Mattishall Road as well. Dereham is the next one which is a main post office with sorting office. Only to find there were other elections going on and we had no idea of these elections.This time it would be really helpful if we had some information on the candidates otherwise we will be unable to vote.

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