Dating guy different religion

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Irshad, the young woman who grew up in Illinois says she's all for it.

We started discussing “my list” of characteristics and things I would hope to have in a mate.

But when conversing with a married friend of mine, she mentioned that when she and her husband were dating, she realized that he was not as spiritually grounded as her–but she let it go.

Looking back, it may have been something necessary to confront because their religious differences have had an effect on their relationship.

It’s funny (well, maybe not funny exactly) how religion can matter so much to one person and not to the other, and how that can make and break a relationship.

So I’m wondering, what role does religion play when Just to be clear, when I say that religion is not high on my list, it doesn’t mean it’s not on there–It’s just not in my top five.

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