Dating royal copenhagen vases

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With little variation all Royal Copenhagen products have been marked with this logo ever since.In spite of the initial difficulties, the factory soon accomplished a high-quality production.Not untill 1780 had the factory "gathered" enough articles to open up the shop that had been planned from the beginning.A shop was opened on the first floor in Koebmagergade.Find Royal Copenhagen Plates Find Royal Copenhagen Figurines Find Royal Copenhagen Vases and Jars Find Royal Copenhagen Dishes and Bowls Find Royal Copenhagen Candlesticks Find Royal Copenhagen Tableware Find Royal Copenhagen Lamps Find Royal Copenhagen Other Collectibles, like eggs, mugs, bells etc. The prices shown are based on delivery in the selected delivery area excl. (You find freight cost, by adding the item to the basket.

Whether used for special occasions or displayed as part of a design collection, Royal Copenhagen pieces represent a legacy of the highest quality.

At the same time tableware in the blue and white colours were manufactured.

The Blue Fluted service was produced right from the start, but it was the Flora Danica service that made the factory world famous.

Raw materials, firing, buildings, internal disagreements etc.

- everything seemed to be problematic in spite of the fierce efforts of Frantz Müller and his employees.

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