Garmin c550 updating bluetooth firmware

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Effectively this will send the mono phone signal to the mono headset and the stereo audio to the hardwired speaker or headset at the same time. -Yes, and they can be downloaded to a Map Source map. -Not on the navigation map; however, they can be seen on a Favorites, Show Map. All of the attributes of the POI appear to be supported, including proximity distance, speed, and icons for the POIs loaded. -It appears that you can replace the existing map in Mass Storage.

Speak into the built-in (car) microphone or the Bluetooth headset.

Supposedly at the end of the route you could go to some Favorite. Then Map Source can recognize the zumo, and any waypoints loaded into a Map Source map can be uploaded to the unit directly without having to go through the routine.

You can also store the routes on SD cards and share them. These waypoints can be added to the waypoints in the unit.

Selected waypoints can be edited or deleted one at a time.

Unlike the SP c550, all waypoints can be deleted at once.

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