Gay dating reality show sasuke and sakura the dating game

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That’s because Robert is boring, and so is Finding Prince Charming.After three episodes, none of these guys seem actually into him—except the guy sent home at the end of episode two. Sure, it has drunken drama, including Sam spitting on Dillon in a rage.After a dip in the pool during which Sepulveda reveals he used to be a male escort in his 20’s (audible gasp), Bass stops by to say ‘hi’.“Welcome to one of my favorite places on earth, legendary Palm Springs,” he said.Their final activity was painting a rainbow crosswalk together on Arenas Road in front of Hunter’s “to acknowledge the LGBT community here in Palm Springs,” Bass said.If you missed the first season of “Finding Prince Charming” you can always watch it online.Or you can wait for season two: The show has been picked up for a second season and casting is currently underway.The Lance Bass-hosted series (premiering Thursday, Sept.

Sepulveda’s attackers have put him in fear for his safety or caused him substantial emotional harm.” All of that legal drama is a lot more interesting than anything that happened on the series.

Fast forward to the Thursday finale where only three suitors remain.

A picturesque montage of the Palm Springs welcome sign, some palm trees and bougainvilleas sets the scene.“A little piece of paradise,” exclaims one of the four men as they walked into the Hacienda at Warm Sands, an exclusive gay resort on South Warm Sands Drive.

Thirteen years after Bravo aired a gay dating reality competition with an awful twist back in 2004, Logo brought a same-sex dating series to television. Robert is the least-interesting part of the show, a character who’s beyond boring. At the elimination ceremony, when he does the expected elimination of the boring people and keeps the dramatic ones despite their behavior, he comes across as kind of a jerk, telling one guy that he forgot that guy was even on the show. Yet even that isn’t very interesting, and for someone who’s supposed to be the possible love of all these guys’ lives, he’s just not an engaging presence on the show. The Bachelor often casts blank slates for the audience to project themselves onto, but if that was the intent here, it is absolutely not working.

But breaking new ground does not excuse poorly constructed reality television, and unfortunately, Finding Prince Charming is not worthy of being called the gay Bachelor. Beyond that, Finding Prince Charming cast someone who previously worked as an escort.

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