Get demon wind shuriken naruto dating sim

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Yaru goes rogue and befriends a kuinoichi (kyru) from the leaf falling in love with her.

Returns to leaf with her and lives happily in village yet has a plot to destroy the 7 swordsman.

He is also very academically gifted, and uses his intelligence to think of strategies to get out of narrow situations. Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Chunnin Village: Village Hidden in the Shadows Picture (as in image or graphic): Cant draw Description (of looks as in in words): A very tan skin color. when he is in sage mode, he grows small goat horns, and gain goat like pupils.Because of young age and inexperience as a team captain he witnesses his students murder at the hands of a rogue swordsman of the mist who then informs Yaru of the Mists involvement of his clans extinction.yaru loses it awakening his yarungun and ripping the swordsman from the inside manipulating the water in the swordsmans body to make him implode.Jutsu/s: Earth, Water, & Yang Release Main Attacks: Ink binds his opponents with Ink Drawing, and summons a Human Beast Combination: Five-Headed Wolf.& Lets just say Shinju always hungry for another meal.

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