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With rumors of extra-martial affairs on Jon’s part during their marriage, they went onto separate in 1976 before divorcing two years later and Jon leaving their family home.

Marcheline Bertrand is the mother of Jon’s two children, both famous for their own work, Angelina Jolie and James Haven.

While Jon Voight is a highly regarded actor, his politics, divorces, strained family relationships, and public feuds with his children have continued to circle around his Hollywood status throughout his career. His father had died before his mother, but claims he had a good relationship with his parents, which is the type of relationship he wished to have with his two children.

Her brother followed suit, although neither of the siblings used this name during their careers.Throughout the years, the famous siblings have severed ties and not been on speaking terms with their father but it is unclear as to the relationship with their grandparents.Voight almost never approved of Jolie’s relationships, with the likes of Billy Bob Thornton and Jonny Lee Miller, until it came to Brad Pitt.The nominees for the 51st Academy Awards were announced on February 20, 1979.The winners were announced during the awards ceremony on April 9.

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