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Does he look especially vulnerable and cute -- because he's blinking?

Mothers tend to gaze longer at babies than adults because they're so interested in them and need to be attentive to them; in this way we grow up associating a long gaze with love.

She is the idol of many youths, who wanted to strive into the same industry.

Smiles warm our hearts -- but not any old smile is a sign of affection.

The tone of a voice in love isn't that exaggerated.

The tone of voice is so important -- and so revealing -- because we "hear" the way words are delivered separately from how we process the words themselves.

This same love-infused relationship is the model for the tone that people in love use.

"It's innately friendly," Given says, "and suggests a nonaggressive, nonhostile pose." That doesn't mean that if your crush isn't speaking to you in baby talk or falsetto, he or she doesn't love you.

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