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Hence my explanation in my previous post about the alprazolam/clonazepam analysis.There is lot's more to say about your post above, but if you can just think about what I'm saying here then the rest won't matter.Although xanax hits me a bit harder, i still feel more upbeat, social etc.The klonopin didn't provide the instant relief of anxiety as xanax, and surprisingly i feel pretty sleepy, from just one 0.5 pill and i can handle way more than that of xanax, why is this?I really want to try and get temezepam or xanax next time, but i have a feeling that he will go ahead with the xanax more, however using xanax with little or no tolerance has me feeling the anxiety reduction feeling for the rest of the day, not just 4 hours that probably happens when you are tolerant.Xanax gives me a more uplifting high, not like crack but more like wanting to talk, go out, do things normally that i can't while being completely calm, collected and if you will sophisticated.

The general consensus on the differences between the two drugs in question has been given, and you are going to have to work with your doctor to find the best treatment possible for you.

Needless to say i have also tried almost every other option out there as well.

What he doesn't know is that i only will be using the pills a few times a week instead of as prescribed because i don't want to get hooked on them.

With no tolerance using xanax a few times a week gives me a more fast and "hard" anxiety relief and for me personally it lasts the rest of the day (which might be different than those who take it as prescribed or are addicted to it ).

However he initially prescribed the klonopin because it is much longer acting which many of us know about.

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