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Against this backdrop, a new insurgency formed calling itself Harakah al-Yaqin … It is thought to be led and funded from Saudi Arabia.The army and the Border Guard Police deny almost all the allegations of human rights abuses.A UN resolution to launch a fact finding mission to Rakhine State has been blocked by the Myanmar Government, saying it would be provocative.With no end in sight, the secret killings and blanket denials continue, bringing with it the risk of a much more potent insurgency.Most in Myanmar consider Rohingyas to be illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh, calling them "Bengalis" or worse, "kalas".Many have lived in Myanmar for generations, but they exist under a kind of apartheid — forbidden to leave their village without permission, get a formal job or attend university.The conflict between Buddhists and Rohingyas dates back decades, with sporadic flaring of communal violence.

She has been criticised for not speaking for the rights of the Rohinghya, but doing so risks alienating her main constituency, the myriad of ethnic groups who are united in little else but their dislike of the "Bengalis".And in many ways, driving away from the city on increasingly dusty roads to the remote villages where Action Aid works also felt like stepping back in time.In these agricultural communities the heavy moving is still done by bullock cart, and the water for both cattle and humans has to be collected from a pond, a resource entirely dependent on rainfall, of which there is precious little for 10 months of the year.Aung San Suu Kyi has tried to carve out space for dialogue, requesting that emotive terms like Bangali and Rohingyas be avoided, and "Muslim" be used instead.A special commission headed by former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has made interim recommendations, including a call for unimpeded access for aid workers and media.

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