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Spanish police temporarily evacuated Barcelona's Sagrada Familia church and nearby businesses on Tuesday after a van parked nearby prompted a bomb scare which they said turned out to be a "false alarm".

The name is not completely accurate as it is a code allotted to a type of telephone jack by the US Federal Communication Commission.The Ethernet recommendations evolve over time, each new addition creating faster and more efficient networks.The latest series of Ethernet standards covers networks that can transfer data at more than a thousand million bits per second -- a gigabit LAN.“Whether at the gym, the beach, at home, or on a date, Teamm8 underwear, sportswear and swimwear offer Teamm8 players the comfort and confidence to succeed, no matter what the challenge,” according to the brand.“Teamm8 players know that life’s a game, and they’re in it to win.” From baseball to football, Teamm8 draws its inspiration from various athletic styles combined with bright colors that truly pop.

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