Rude online dating

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An inordinate number of strangers vying for their attention. So you want an in-demand match — because easygoing natural beauties are just gonna be in demand — with a great personality to boot. Talk about what gets you out of bed in the morning. An eligible woman simply cannot peruse and message each profile and respond and, over numerous back-and-forths, pull the relevant information out of you: what you like, what you’re like, how others see you, how you envision your life…If you’re happy meeting whoever likes your picture and drops you a “hey”, then don’t worry about what words you put up. I imagine it’s just a matter of starting out that this profile right now is not helping your cause.

…would be like a Linked In profile saying “I’m only here for 0k jobs with all the power, perks, and none of the paperwork”. Just because we ask doesn’t mean that’s what’ll turn up in our inboxes. It would sound rude to women who feel judged by your statement, even though it's not talking about them.

The most important thing you should know is that this line is self-defeating.

Someone who checks all those boxes is likely to have a lot of suitors, online and in real life.

Ignore it Always reply to genuinely decent responses, even if the answer is ‘No’.

Always be polite and kind, especially if the answer is ‘No’ Never be too busy to respond appropriately Reply as soon as possible. People are individuals, so, personalise your replies Aha, you have received a promising response or two and you are going to reply Start with a friendly greeting End with a friendly goodbye Use gentle humour if it is part of your personality Punctuate your statements with – (smile) (frown) (beaming) (thinking) or :-) Keep it brief, relevant, light, breezy and interesting Allow the communication to flow Do not get personal Do not trifle with anyone’s emotions Allow the friendship time to develop.

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