Sandra oh and kevin mckidd dating

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[The episode that make you cry the most: Scott Foley (Henry Burton): If you go way back when Denny died, it broke my heart. But I guess that's good because you did your job."The episode that shocked you the most: Jason George: The airplane crash. And then the Super Bowl episode as well, probably because we weren't sure we could pull off something that big. James Pickens Jr.: Richard getting electrocuted was pretty shocking, but probably the shooter episode and the bomb.

That scene made me cry because I was watching that going, "That's so wrong! I'm embarrassed for you, which is me, which is you, which is bad! Shonda Rhimes: Probably the episode where Owen chokes Cristina—the PTSD episode, probably because to show a man being so violent toward a woman he loves so much, and to show all sides of that and what happens to a soldier, especially when they've been hurt, was a big one for us.

She's been taking yearbook photos of all the crew, which is so hilarious.

Camilla Luddington: Jerrika Hinton has an energy about her at 5 A.

I also think what's happening with the Chief is really interesting.

He has a long road ahead of him, and it has been a really interesting and fun thing for us to write." Kate Walsh came out for the big celebration, so I had to ask if there's a chance Addison might return someday: "I love Addison, so anything is a possibility," Rhimes revealed. Honestly, you can see it in every blooper reel in every season! Miranda Bailey): Oooh, he's gonna kill me, but maybe Kevin Mc Kidd.

Though the odds of Sandra Oh ever making a return to the show haven't looked great for a while, Mc Kidd confirmed in a new interview that she hasn't ruled it out.

You work with these people for so long, they do sort of become like family. Also, during my run there, I was in tears at the table read when Cristina had to tell Owen that she didn't want a baby. Justin Chambers: They're all pretty shocking, but off the top of my head, it was the shooting. Sara Ramirez: The shooter in the season-six finale.

Justin Chambers: Well, Jesse Williams is on his computer the most. Kevin Mc Kidd: Every cast member has a moment like that! The cast member you socialize with most outside of work: Jason George: Sarah Drew or Kevin Mc Kidd. James Pickens Jr.: Boy, you're talking 200 episodes! I looked at it as a sign that my relationship with Shonda would last a long time." __Kevin Mc Kidd__ also shared his thoughts on what will happen to Cristina and Owen once Sandra Oh departs after this season.

Jason George: Honestly, that's like half the cast! [Laughs]Justin Chambers: The wedding between Izzy and Alex. Also, "Katie Heigl, Sandra Oh—all of them just kind of fell into place. He'll think he's happy, but suddenly she'll walk through the doors one day, and he'll go, 'Oh s--t,' and I'm going to have to divorce my wife that I married now, and it will explode my whole life because you're the one!

Superlatives: Who has the most difficulty memorizing medical jargon? There's five minutes devoted to him saying, "What's my line?!

He makes an entire commentary about what's happening.

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