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Her images before the nose job indicate that she had a nose that was somehow rounded.After surgery, her nose seems thin and narrow, clearly balancing with the rest of her facial features.However, that doesn't take away from the fact that she is totally smoking hot.Sara Jean Underwood is recognized as a sensational actress and model, but the rumours concerning her plastic surgery is threatening to water down all the fame that she has earned over time.She thrived well behind a stunning look back in July 2006 when she was selected as the playmate of the month before she became the playmate of the year in 2007.Even so, she must have desired to look better and perhaps earn more titles, a reason why she went under the knife but things did not work out too well for her.The TV and radio personality dated Sara Jean for two years on and off around 2011.Since then she has been spotted with TV reality star .

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Sara Jean Underwood stands out as one of the few celebrities who have admitted the fact that they went under the knife.She again decided to uplift her breasts in size later and they now appear bigger than what she had back then.Not even once did she feel confident in her small sized bosoms.All along, plastic surgery has been viewed as something negative and no matter how small it is, celebrities never agree to the gossip that they have gone under the knife.At her age, anything is possible again because celebrities never agree to be descended upon by the signs of aging.

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