Sasuke and sakura the dating game

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When the team is introduced to Kakashi Hatake, their sensei, Kakashi asks each of them to introduce themselves by sharing their hobbies, interests and dreams for the future.

Upon Sakura's turn, Sakura mumbles but hints all her answers are towards Sasuke.

Cause I offenly get to a quiz that I like, but it is too short, and over quickly. Five boys, since my imagination ran out for description at the end. But I WILL be nice enough in telling you that the quiz includes; Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Inuzuka.

I hope you will enjoy this VERY long quiz, which I made so lengthy on purpose.

When the real Sasuke arrives looking for Naruto, Sakura happily greets him and asks if he was ready this time.

Ignoring her, Sasuke asks for Naruto's whereabouts but is quickly dismissed by Sakura's comment.

Kakashi then comments to himself how girls always seem to be more interested in love rather than training and ninjutsu.

Kakashi gives the team a test and explains that those who fail to take a bell from him would be sent back to the Academy.

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Following Kakashi's rules Sakura at first protests, but after Sasuke explains his reasoning, Sakura quickly begins to cooperate.

At the beginning of the test, Sakura and Sasuke both go into hiding.

Sakura declares the test to also be a "Test of Love" and therefore decides to stay near Sasuke.

As the enemy shinobi prepares to attack both Sakura and Tazuna, much to Sakura's surprise, Sasuke quickly comes to their aid and prepares to guard the two.

But much to Sasuke's dismay, Kakashi quickly appears and rescues the team.

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