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Also, you don’t have to “go out” to carve out “you time.” Get some hands on deck to help with baby for a couple of hours once or twice a week and give yourself a “spa-at-home” time. There’s nothing like a truth-telling experienced mom to keep you sane and laughing when you’re in the throes of new momma-hood.

While being a parent is glorious and joyous, it’s not always fun and easy.

Make sure each meal and snack includes high quality protein and fats (nut butters, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, etc.). You’ve only got two arms and baby is taking up at least one of those.

These also keep your energy and mood steady, and help to prevent or offset postpartum depression. It’s so tempting to do everything but sleep when baby goes down for a nap, but it’s so important to get rest, especially if your little one is more of a night owl. Set realistic expectations for yourself from the beginning.

This is an awesome thing to ask your best friend or sister to organize.

When they drop off the food, they get a peek at baby! Your friends are there to drop off the food for YOU, not to have dinner with you that you then have to clean up!

Also, let friends know that visits need to be short, you might not want them to hold your baby, and to please not bring their own kids over if they are sick (yes, people will do this).

When you have the baby, you contact the first person on the list, and then they contact the next person and so on …

each brings a dinner on her/his/their designated night.

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