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The two men begin to yell at each other, the first driver asking: 'what's your problem?

' and the driver of the silver car appearing to say 'my wife, you hit her car', before taking pictures of the first man's number plates.

The court was told the girl was unaware of the sexual acts that had occurred and had no idea she was being filmed, but she did remember being in the bathroom and discovering lots of blood.

When a friend came to pick her up she was naked and covered only by a towel.

The men will return to court for sentencing in October.

A driver in Sydney's south-west was confronted with a bizarre series of events over the weekend, captured in footage that has the internet divided.

Unbelievable dash cam video shows the man and a female passenger friend driving down Meadows Road in Mount Pritchard on Saturday, when a black SUV driving in front appears to hit the kerb.

She accuses the driver behind of rear-ending her in what will be the first in a series of bizarre events on the small stretch of road Frustrated, the man yells at them to turn their hazard lights on before attempting to drive around the pair.

As he moves, a woman can be heard yelling: 'Wait, wait!

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