Virginia separation requirements dating

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No Fault Divorce Laws Virginia, like many other states, has amended its divorce law to include what is known as a “no fault” divorce.

Filing for a no fault divorce means that you don’t have to prove that your spouse did anything wrong in your marriage.

Most states require some amount of residency prior to a divorce, and all states allow some form of "no fault" grounds for divorce.

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from the date of such act; lived separate lives without cohabitation and without interruption for one year.

In Virginia, persons can get a divorce for six reasons; some require a waiting period." class="glossary Link ", you can file for divorce one year after separation (if you have kids) or six months (if you have no kids).

Some action must trigger the start of that countdown clock, though.

Another way to declare a date of separation is for one of you to move out and flatly state you will be seeking a divorce.

So long as the one moving out does not do so routinely (as a way to stir up marital discord or seek attention, for example), that action counts as the start of the separation.

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