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Now, we see mom and dad with touches of gray in their hair and a bit of a paunch around their waistlines looking a tablet (they’re so hip! Dan, have you ever heard of a small town called Milledgeville, Ga.?Back to the matriarch, who has now introduced us to her three children.We get these TV timeouts at change of possession, end of quarter, the always (un)popular touchdown-point after attempt-COMMERICAL-kickoff-COMMERICAL stretch.And now they’ve even wedged more commercials in during breaks in the action for injuries and instant replay.Yes, it’s the Vikings, but this wouldn’t happen in real life.Can you image kids who grew up in northeast Ohio in a tight-knit family that loved the Browns moving away and joining allegiances to their teams based on a girl, a burger or a chance encounter with a former player?She doesn’t have a significant other, unless she’s now dating Emmitt Smith, who couldn't attend the photo shoot because he wasn't ready to meet Julie's parents. Dan is sitting in the center next to the old man with his lady friend also in Steelers gear. Then, in the back right, there is a host of other Vikings fans/family members we weren’t introduced to.I’m guessing these are the "losers" who didn’t leave this god-forsaken town and remained fans the Purple People Eaters. How can everyone who moved away become such bandwagon fans?

NFL Shop, you lost the battle with this crappy commercial, but you've won the war.Smith was introduced into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010 and is the first player draft in 1990 to enter the hall of fame.While playing the Dallas Cowboys, Smith, quarterback Troy Aikman and wide receiver Michael Irvin was called "The Triplets" (three), leading the Cowboys to three Super Bowls in the 90s.As much as you try to watch the NFL Red Zone channel on Sundays to avoid the same 20 commercials that inevitably become annoying by Week 4, resistance is futile.By now you’ve surely come across this spot for the NFL Shop. In summary, a young family starts out as Vikings fans, the kids grow up, move out and after being on their own, return home for another family photo.

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