Who is fern cotton dating

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"In my teens, I had little concern for people's opinions of me or how I looked, but then, as my twenties crept in, a sense of 'not belonging' suffocated my every breath.

, which meant I was exposed to new people from all walks of life very early on.

Sometimes I have shut myself off from the world and wallowed in sad music and darkened rooms, while on other occasions I have gone out partying to shake away all of the pain.

"I would suggest somewhere in the middle of the two.

Don't fast-track into party mode too soon because you could find yourself alone, drunk and a bit lost, as I have many times over the years."And even though Fearne has been on TV since she was 15-years-old, she still gets self-conscious.

She was raised up in Eastcote, Hillingdon and attended Haydon School.

She studied art at A-level which she used while presenting the series ‘Draw Your Own Toons’. She walks or runs five kilometers at least 3 times a week and also have participated in various half marathons for the purpose of charity.

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